Aaviku Marjatalu is a farm for growing sea- buckthorn berries in central Estonia. Our main products are sea buckthorn jam, juice and juice drink. We also make sea buckthorn tea and flour. Meelika Allik, the leader of Aaviku Marjatalu is the granddaughter of Martin Klein, the first winner of the Olympic medal in Estonia. Aaviku Marjatalu is Martin Klein's childhood home Sea buckthorn trees grow on two hectares. Our majority of products carry the Ecolabel.Our products are healthy and suitable for kids. They do not contain e-substances.

 Sea buckthorn is an extremely promising crop of agriculture - its cultivation is very environmentally friendly and most of the plant can be used in a variety of ways. Sea buckthorn is healthy: it is difficult for him to find the same in terms of healing properties.

Legends say that the old Greeks have added sea buckthorn leaves and young oxks to horse racing, which has been so good for the horses that they immediately hit the hair. It's been tried on today's horse riding - it really works. The sea buckthorn leaves were also a favorite for the flying horse Pegasus, here the name of the sea buckthorn Hippophae (Greek hippo - horse, phaos - shiny, shiny).

Siberian pineapple

Sea buckthorn berries, leaves, cream and seed oil have been used since ancient times - as a remedy, sea buckthorn has been mentioned in Tibetan chronicles for 800 years BC. Sea buckthorn has long been used in Chinese and Mongolian medicine.

In Siberia, fresh berries are eaten with milk and cheese or baked in meat sauce. In Nepal, the berries are eaten raw, marinated or preserved, but non-smokers use red berry juice to color the lips and the palm. The berries, leaves, stalks and roots are used. Dill, roots and leaves become yellow.

Meanwhile, the plant that was forgotten for the Western world was rediscovered in the 1930s in Russia, the Siberians use the name "Siberian Pineapple" for the Sea Buckthorns.

The source of vitamins

Sea buckthorn berries are one of the most complete sources of herbal vitamins. The fruits contain vitamin C (150-1600 mg%, depending on the variety), vitamins B1, B2, B6, B15, P, K and E, and carotenoids. Sea buckthorn fresh fruits contain high levels of choline (110 mg%), flavonoids, coumarins, tannins, essential oils, fatty acids, minerals. The perfection of the kit has, over the ages, nourished even speculation, as if some of the ancient world herbalists had spawned sea buckthorn.

The treatment is made of sea buckthorn fruits, juice, leaves, cream and seeds derived from oil. Sea buckthorn stimulates the immune system and stimulates hormonal activity. It is recommended that it be used as a general anesthetic during influenza and other colds, after operations and injuries, in asthenic conditions and intoxications.

Sea buckthorn is also used for rheumatic fever and gout, for blood vessel calcification and vegetative nervous system disorders, for relieving climacteric manifestations and disorders. Sea buckthorn accelerates tissue regeneration, which is why it is recommended for the treatment of oral ulcers, stomach and duodenum, and intestinal ulcers and rectum veins.

Externally, sea buckthorn oil is used to treat skin metabolism, and as a prostitute for inflammation in women's illnesses, as well as throat pain - when the cucumber hurts, the grass starts eating quickly better. Oil has also been shown to be effective in hepatic metabolic disorders (alcohol poisoning). The color of the leaves of sea buckthorn strengthens the hair, eliminates dandruff and restores the natural hair color of the brunette (Source: Paju, A. "Garden as a pharmacy", Tallinn, 1991).

In shells and fruits of Locust branches, there is alkaloid serotonin, which plays an important role in the complex excitation and braking processes and the transmission of nerve impulses. Serotonin is a good protector of the body from radioactive radiation, as well as it inhibits the pathological growth of tissues (the use of sea buckthorn cream alcohol is used in cancer treatment) (Source: Vokk, R., Director of the Institute of Food Sciences at TUT, "Sea Buckthorn - how, why and for what?").

Can be picked up with a branch

Emeritus Professor Selma Teesalu of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tartu says that sea buckthorn is one of our national treasures.

The cultivation of sea buckthorn is easy, because it is a creepy plant that does not require much maintenance. However, it is harder to pick up butter beds, because the fruits grow in branches firmly and tightly. Instead of picking berries, the branches that are full of berries can simply be cut - they will be replaced by shoots and the harvest will be better in the following year. The cut branches can be frozen and later it is good to clean: the frozen mari will be loosened from the side of the branch.

According to Teesalu, it is most sensible to make raw meal, which can also be deep-frozen, from bushes. According to the professor, the freezing of juice does not drop significantly. According to Teesalu, often it is often forgotten that besides the berries can also be used asblast leaves, which also have a lot of vitamin C.

Blood pressure norm

If you are worried about blood pressure, then you are advised to drink raw sea buckthorn, use berries or leaves. Aeronails can be used by people with high blood pressure, but the asterisk can be eaten by both high and low blood pressure.

The head makes the sea buckthorn to the heart and blood vessels. Sea buckthorn oil is suitable for digestive problems. However, because of the abundance of vitamin C, sour sea buckthorn is contraindicated in those who suffer from excessive acidity of the stomach.

Teesalu recommends taking a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil on an empty stomach if there are digestive problems. If there are gaps in the rectum or inflammation of the mouth, then the sea buckthorn oil is also present. Because of its antioxidant properties, sea buckthorn is suitable for radiation sickness patients. Cotton seed oil is lubricated on the skin before radiotherapy to reduce cell damage in the tissues

A simple teaspept:

* 1 tablespoon of crushed berries and leaves pour over one glass of boiling water

* Allow 15 minutes to drain

* drink honey with a glass of tea several times a day

It is especially good to drink this tea in winter to prevent colds.

Sea- Buckthorn juice 100%Produced using coldpressing method.
High C-vitamine content (72 mg/100ml, 120% from daily need), also includes B1, B2, B6, B15, P, K, E vitamines and carotinoids. Effective immune system booster, mental and physical tone lifter. Oil layer will raise up which is the most valuable part of the juice. Before consuming shake well and dilute by adding 5 parts of water to the juice. Sweeten with sugar, honey or syrup.
Fits well into warm beverages (mold wine, tea), may be used instead of or in conjunction with other juices in jellies